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Antique Bangjja Washbasin - 앤틱 방짜 세수대야

Antique Bangjja Washbasin - 앤틱 방짜 세수대야

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- Hand forged antique bangjja washbasin

- 1890s (From Joseon era, most likely mid to late 19th century)

- Diameter 15 1/4" (Inner diameter 12"), Height 4 1/2"

- Bangjja (also called Yugi) is a type of hand-forged bronzeware originating from the Korean peninsula.  The main quality that differentiates bangjja from other bronzewares is the alloy ratio between copper and tin. Bangjja contains a greater amount of tin than other bronzewares (Copper 78%, Tin 22%). Due to this compositional difference, bangjja can be sterilized. For this reason, it has historically been used as tableware for the royal families of Korea, and the presentation of Korean royal court cuisine.

- Heavily worn and tarnished finish reflects it's age. Has small crack along bottom edge (see pictures)

Enjoy the beautiful patina as is, or polish it up if you prefer a bright and shiny look.

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